"10 Second Ninja X is a masterclass in simple design over showboating." 9/10 - GOD IS A GEEK

"The developers get what's important and give it to you in spades." 8.7 - NOOBGRIND

"Speaking of perfection, I can't think of many ways this game can be improved and that is awesome." 9/10 - Brash Games
"It's super easy to lose a lot of time replaying levels and not even notice." 80/100 - LETSPLAYVIDEOGAMES.COM

"A great sequel... It offers smooth gameplay, great characters, and strong reasons to keep coming back." 9/10 - XBOXONEUK.COM

"10 Second Ninja X is one of the most enjoyable, ultimate risk/reward games I have played." 9/10 - Punk and Lizard

10 SECOND NINJA X is a blisteringly fast, satisfyingly difficult and surprisingly methodical sidescroller which tasks you with completing each level in ten seconds or less. No lengthy checkpoint gaps. No cluttered control scheme. No hand holding. Get that three star rating, yo! You got this.

1 star. Again. 1 star. Again. 2 stars! Again. Back to 1 star. DAMN IT. Again...

100 levels including all 40 original 10 Second Ninja levels remastered in HD. Individual leaderboards for each level. Unlockables and collectibles.

Available on PS4, Xbox One, PC and PS Vita now! Coming to Nintendo Switch July 30th!

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